Fire Management

Centrogen has highly trained and experienced personnel and an established history fo providing safe, effective and efficient fire hazard assessment, planning and hazard reduction solutions for large organisations such as the Department of Defence.  In doing so, we liaise with land owners, regulators and other interested parties.

  • Fire hazard assessment and hazard reduction program design
  • Securing of relevant permits
  • Required notifications
  • Ongoing monitoring and safety assessment
  • Traffic management planning and control
  • On ground supervision and clean up
  • Provision and mobilisation of all fire fighting equipment
  • Traffic control services to manage smoke hazard impacts on road users
  • Prescribed burn via on-ground/or aerial ignition
  • Mopping up of remnant embers and conclusive monitoring
  • Fire access trail construction and maintenance
  • Rapid response and suppression
  • Trained fire fighting personnel and fire fighting equipment
  • Back burning and burning out
  • Standby and night shifts