At Centrogen Be Safe Home Safe is more than just our motto, it’s our commitment.

You may still see our vehicles out and about. We are continuing to provide essential maintenance services within road and rail transport corridors and at various Department of Defence sites. By maintaining and protecting these services we are ensuring the upkeep of important infrastructure and the continued safe supply of goods to the Australian community.

Our ongoing commitment to safely providing these services will remain a priority for us during this unprecedented and rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.

The health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners is our priority.  We understand the concern around the current pandemic and have implemented strict protocols in line with current health authority advice to prevent the potential spread of the virus. 

We have implemented the following to assist in making safer communities:

  • Adoption of recommendations from relevant authorities: Active monitoring and implementation of advice from the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government.
  • Implementation of our Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation Plans: Allowing a swift response to high-risk scenarios that may impact our customers, employees, partners and the general public.
  • Planning for continued service delivery: Review of existing Emergency Management and Business Continuity plan to enable the management of crisis events or mass absenteeism.
  • Securing all Centrogen assets and sites: Enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene practices at all locations and new practices to maintain safe plant, tools and equipment for our field workforce.
  • Enabling our employees to work safely and securely: Updates on information to help employees assess risk and channels to report potential or known exposure. Access to technology, systems and processes to work remotely as needed. Use of digital technology to avoid face-to-face meetings.
  • Protecting our people and valued partners: Implementation of a range of protocols including Social Distancing, self-isolation for employees with potential exposure, including via family members, to high-risk travel areas; restrictions on all domestic travel; and cancellation of attendance at company or public functions where social distancing requirements cannot be maintained.
  • Supporting our employees: Review of our existing policies for use if employees wish to apply for assistance or support from Centrogen.